New employees that want to prepare for using our new FOCUS student information system can view several short videos that are available under the various TABS on this website.   These videos will instruct you how to maneuver in FOCUS, how to take attendance, how to setup and use your gradebook, as well as all other functions you will need.

The short videos are available under the PRESENTATIONS Tab above. A link to this web site is also provided on the Bay County School web site. The MIS/FOCUS team has delivered in excess of 500 hours of training since February 13th.  

Employee Audit Security Documents

The security of district networks and data are the responsibility of all employees. The documents presented below will provide you with information that our auditors require that we provide for you to read about topics related to security. Please take the time to read the documents labeled "Security Awareness" so that you will be familiar with the general guidelines presented.
Document TitleDownload
Bay Security Awareness OverviewBaySecurityAwarenessOverview.pdf
Sensitive Data on Mobile DevicesBaySecurityAwareness-Sensitive_Data_Mobile_Devices.pdf
Awareness of Sensitive Student and Staff DataBaySecurityAwareness-StudentorStaffData.pdf

Employee Password Maintenance

Below are instructions to register and use the new Windows Password Self-Help. This will allow you to change your Network Password when you are required to change it or have forgotten it.

The Self-Help system is accessible from any internet connected PC.

The password rules are:
Must be changed every 45 days
Minimum length 8 characters
Maximum 28 characters
Must contain minimum 3 unique characters
Minimum 1 number
Minimum 1 upper case
Minimum 1 lower case

Additional Teacher Training Options

Teacher Training Videos Under Presentations Tab Above

     • These videos will instruct you how to maneuver in FOCUS, take attendance, setup and use your gradebook as well as all other functions you may need. 

     • Videos should be viewed prior to the start of class and accessing your gradebook. 

     • The first 3 videos will be of interest to clerks, counselors, and other office staff.  

     • Additional training materials are available for data clerks and counselors. Contact your principal to obtain access to these.

Access to FOCUS: 

FOCUS is accessible anywhere you have internet access:

  Bay District Schools recommends using FIREFOX or Chrome – do not use Internet Explorer.


  • FOCUS Slide Presentations and videos will be available under the Presentations Tab.

  • As they become available, FOCUS manuals for various areas will be uploaded to the Manuals Tab.
  • FOCUS works best with FireFox or Chrome browsers.

Get FireFox Here

Please note that FireFox is installed by default on your district desktop. If you should need to reinstall you must use "Run Advertised" and select the FOCUS 2.0 Install link.

Click Icon to download for your use at home.